Wednesday 18 April 2012

Woo we go - Pocket Heart Tutorial

After quite a few frantic yet exciting weeks and 11 days since we arrived here, we are delighted to announce that our website is now ...........
Woo hoo !!!!!!

To celebrate, we are also super excited to be sharing our very first 'Make it' project with you.  It is a very pretty Heart, with the added bonus of a Pocket decorated with velvet ribbon and lace.

  Here are some ideas that we came up with for using your heart.... firstly if you have young children, then it would be a great for the tooth fairy.  Or as a present for someone special, why not tuck in a gift card or some cash.  Finally as we have shown it here, it makes a rather gorgeous and useful pin cushion (we're currently fighting over who gets to keep this one!)
So here we go, this project is suitable for all abilities and will take around an hour to make.  Hopefully the instructions are nice and clear, but please do get in touch if you would like any clarification.
For one heart, you will need.....
1 'Small' size piece of fabric (fabric a), 1 'Mini' size piece of fabric (fabric b), 20cm of crochet lace, 30cm velvet ribbon, one button and some polyfil stuffing
Step 1
Firstly, you will need to print this pattern.  To do so, highlight the picture above, then 'Right' click on your mouse, then select 'open in a new window' and then print using the keys 'CTRL' and  'P'  Cut out the Heart Pattern Piece and for the Pocket, simply fold on the dotted line, where indicated.

Using the pattern pieces above, Cut out 2 hearts from your chosen fabric a and 1 pocket from fabric b

Step 2
Take the pocket piece and place right side down.
 Along the top straight edge fold over and press 1cm.

Step 3
Fold over and press a further 1cm, so that the raw edge is now concealed.
Step 4
Pin the lace trim to the right side of the pocket along the top edge and sew using the edgae of your sewing machine foot as a guide. 
(This stitching will be hidden once the velvet ribbon has been attached)
Step 5
Pin 20cm of velvet ribbon to the pocket and then, as close as you can, sew along the top and bottom edges to secure it in place. 
Step 6
To make the bow,  with the remaining 10cm piece of velvet ribbon, place it right side down, next to a ruler.  Fold towards the centre at 27mm and 73mm.  The wrong side of the ribbon is now sandwiched in the middle.
Step 7
Secure in place with some teeny hand stitches
Step 8
Hand sew the bow to the centre of the pocket and then top with a button.
Step 9
Lay one of your heart pieced right side up and pin the pocket also right side up in position.  This will be the front of your completed heart.
Step 10
Place the second heart piece on top of the front piece with right sides together, pin in place.
Step 11
Leaving a gap of aprox 5cm, sew around the outside edge with a 1 cm seam allowance.
Step 12
Trim the point, excess ribbon and cut notches around the curved edge of the heart, as shown above.  This will ensure that you get nice smooth curves when you turn through.
Step 13
Turn though and press, stuff with polyfil and finally hand sew the gap.
Ta da.......
That's it you're done, so stand back, admire and enjoy!

Here's another one we made, this time we used pretty Tilda fabrics, with the addition of a hanging loop

To make life nice and easy, we have put together two 'Make it' packs for you here, plus you'll have a little fabric and trims left over for future projects. sorry these are now sold out

(Never throw any scraps away as we have projects planned for those too!)

 Each pack contains: 1 small piece and 1 mini piece of fabric, 1m of velvet ribbon, 1m of lace and 1m of a co-ordinating ribbon, a selection of 5 buttons for you to choose from and enough stuffing for one plump and squishy heart.

Alternatively you can pick your own selection of pretty fabrics and trims from those available in the

Finally, we hope that you enjoyed our project.  We would love to see what you sew and create, so please do send us your pictures and we'll add them to our equally new and glossy customer gallery on our Facebook page.

Happy sewing


  1. Hello Penny and Sarah, Your shop is lovely, I especially like your ribbons. I found you via Andrea Willis's blog. I love the little tooth fairy heart idea too. Good luck with your new venture. Love Linda x

  2. Thank you so much Linda, that is so very kind of you! xo

  3. They are really pretty, I've got something similar and I use it all at time as a pincushion (its good if you put lavender in it too, smells nice when pricking in the pins!). I love your vintage lace in the shop, best of luck!
    Sally x

    1. Thank you Sally! That is a lovely idea with the Lavender, we've got some gorgeous Norfolk Lavender that we'll be adding to the shop this week. xo


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