Thursday 3 October 2013

'Make it' Zakka style Pincushion

 Now I'm sure that you must have heard our the squeals of delight, when Penny and I opened the parcel containing these beautiful fabrics by Japanese maker Sevenberry.....are they not just the prettiest!  Having used Sevenberry fabrics for many years in our own crafting, they have been on our wish list for Pretty Fabrics and Trims since the outset.  The problem we had, was choosing just which ones to stock!

Now obviously, whilst cutting up some precut 'mini' and 'small' pieces for the shop, I couldn't resist making something.  As you may know from my Little Kitten Homemade days, one of my favourite things was to combine pretty fabrics with linen and as I've been wanting a  new pincushion for my downstairs sewing kit, I set too gathering up some supplies and made this.......

If you would like to make one too, you will need:

some scraps of pretty florals, I used Sevenberry fabrics Flower Meadow Pink, Floral in Yellow and Blossom in Pink, available as a pretty Pink and Yellow Bundle

For the front of the Pincushion, cut a piece of linen measuring 4 x 4 1/2" and from each of the florals,  a strip measuring 1 1/4" x 4 1/2"
From Flower Meadow Pink, I also cut a piece measuring  5" x 4 1/2" for the back of the pincushion

Please note I used 1/4" seam allowances

First off sew the three florals together along the 4 1/2" side, neatly press

Now sew the florals to the linen and press

Using the seam line as a guide sew on a piece of cotton lace and for an extra pretty touch sew a button positioned at the centre on top of the lace

With right sides together pin the backing fabric to the front piece and sew around the outside edge, leaving a gap as indicated by the two pins

 Trim the corners

Turn through to the right side.  I find a chop stick is a great tool to get nice pointy corners.

Stuff (whilst we're talking stuffing, for the pin cushion I used some toy safe poly fill, however, I am definately going to make some more these and fill them with lavender as Christmas gifts for my children's teachers) 
Finally slip stitch the gap closed and ta da, you're all done!

And just because we love them so much, here's some more pictures of our gorgeous new fabrics

I hope that you enjoyed the project and feel tempted to give it a go and if you would like to view our full range of Sevenberry fabrics, they can be found on our website HERE

Happy Crafting


  1. Lovely fabrics, and a very pretty pincushion you made! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  2. Thank you Linda, we hope you have a lovely weekend too! xo

  3. Well done and it looks easy to do! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thank you Marivic, it's a really quick make and such fun to do. Have a great weekend xo

  4. i love the design, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this. :-)
    Trims | usa-beading


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