Monday 4 November 2013

'Make it' Project - Noel Bunting

We just love Christmas and crafting for Christmas,so we though we would create a selection of festive 'Make it' projects.....sound good?

So to start off with, here is a rather Christmassy 'Noel' bunting to decorate your home .........

complete with jingly bells......

If you would like to make this you will need:

1 Fat Quarter in the fabric of your choice for the bunting flags (we used Tilda Mini Star Red)
Small pieces of contrasting fabrics for the appliques (we used Tilda Mini Stripe Red and Tilda Dotty Green)
2 plain red buttons for the Holly Berries (ours came from this bundle)

This is how we made it.....

Firstly, you will need to print this pattern. To do so, highlight the picture below, then 'Right' click on your mouse, then select 'open in a new window' and then print using the keys 'CTRL' and 'P'.

Cut out the templates

Now it's Bondaweb time.  Bondaweb by Vilene is the most amazing product, it is a fusible, iron on, double sided adhesive sheet and makes your applique projects a doddle.  Firstly and the most efficient in terms of fabric and Bondaweb use,  trace the outline of the letters in reverse on to the paper side of the Bondaweb (1), cut out roughly (2) and then iron them on to the reverse of your chosen fabric (3) cut out accurately and then peel of the paper backing (4).  You now have your applique ready to iron on to your bunting flag. 

Alternatively, you can iron a piece of Bondaweb on to the back of your chosen applique fabric and then draw around your letter templates.  This method is quicker, although you will have more waste, we do however keep all our leftover Bondaweb fabric scraps for future projects.

 The MOST important thing however for which ever method you use, is to ensure that you trace your letters in REVERSE.   

Repeat this process for the holly leaves using your green fabric.

On the reverse of your chosen flag fabric, trace around the bunting template and cut out 12 pennants.  (6 fronts and 6 backs)  You can of course use a cheaper alternative for the backs if you prefer.

Place 3 holly leaves on to the right side of your first bunting pennant, play with their positioning until you are happy, ensuring that they are at least 1/4" away from the outside edge of the pennant to allow for the seam allowance.  Carefully iron in place, you will need to hold the iron over the appliques for aprox 20 seconds to ensure that they are 'stuck'.

Repeat for the letters and the final holly leaves.

Using you sewing machine or if you prefer by hand (back stitch would be good, check out this tutorial on Sarah's Blog) , stitch the appliques to the flags.  We used our standard  machine foot and stitched aprox 2mm from the outside edge of the applique using black thread.  Use a complimentary shade of thread if you wish.

 Pull through and knot off all your ends.

Sew a red button at the centre of the holly leaves.

and a large button to the centre of the 'O'

Now match up your fronts pennants to the backs and place together, right sides facing.  Pin and sew with 1/4" seam allowances

Trim the point as shown

Turn through, press and trim across the top raw edge of the flag, so that you have a nice and neat straight edge.  

TOP TIP - Use a chop stick whilst pressing to get the pointiest points possible!

Place your flags in a pile in reverse order ( holly / L / E / O / N / holly). 

Measure and mark 25cm from the end of your bias binding, this is the start position of your first flag.  

TOP TIP - Fold over and crease your Bias Binding across the width along the entire length before you start you can then simply tuck your bunting flags in to the 'pocket' as you sew.

This bunting is made with 5cm (2") gaps in between the flags.  The easiest way to get an accurate gap is to stop stitching as you reach the end of your first flag and then measure 5cm ( you will see from our Little Kitten Homemade bunting days, that this measurement was marked on my sewing machine)

Fold back the bias binding and crease with your finger.  Now continue stitching and stop as soon as your needle reaches the crease mark.  Lift up your foot and tuck in the next bunting flag and continue sewing, repeating until you have stitched all 6 flags.

Trim the ends of your bias binding so that each tie, is the same measurement and your flags are nicely centred.  Fold over your ends and hand sew in place to create a loop for hanging.

Finally stitch little jingly bells to the tips of your flags.

Ta Dah........
That's it you're done, so stand back, admire and enjoy!

This project will take aprox a couple of hours to make. Hopefully the instructions are nice and clear, but please do get in touch if you would like any clarification.

We'll be back soon with another festive project!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Sarah
    Lovely, lovely blog - I shall be back !
    Kate x

  2. Can I just ask what font you used for the lettering as I'd like to make some but with different words. Thank you

    1. Hi...thank you for asking. Unfortunately, the font was hand drawn by me for this project I'm afraid, rather than a computer generated one. I hope that you find a nice one to use for your project. Sarah xo

  3. This project is super cute! Thanks so much for sharing :)


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